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President Book

Table of Contents

Aricles of Reinstatement

SFA Constitution - 01/2009

SFA Letter  April 11, 2009

Exec Summary - April 2010

Org, Devel Plan - Final  3-16-10

Audited Fin Statements 2008-09

Statement of Fin Position 3/10

Membership Guidelines 01/01/10

Hon Membership Rev.  01/01/09

Mem Dues & Chap Rebate 01/09

Mem Records Control/Acces Rev. 01/09

Resignations   Rev. 01/09

Suspentions/Expul  Rev. 01/09

Chapter Affiliation   Rev. 01/09

Nat Convention Election Guide 01/09

Teller Committee Guide 01/09

Drop Submission Guideline  for Chapters 01/09

St. Phillip Neri Award Prog.  01/09

Chap Newsletter Recognition Award 04/10

Scholarship Fund   Rev.  01/09

Patriot Fund Rev. 01/09

Emergency Relief Fund Rev. 01/09

Legal Defense Fund  Rev. 01/09

Idemnification     Rev. 01/09

Hon Active Duty Chap VPs 7/09

Paid Positions Guidelines


Chap Financial Guidelines

SFA Committees

SFA Convention SOP  Rev.  3/11/09

SFA Job Descrip for Admin Dir 7/09

SFA Regional. Chap Breakdown

SFA Regions/Regional Reps (Draft)

SFA Uniform Recommended Dress for SFA Members at Functions