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Name: Michael G. Voss
E-mail: michael.g.voss@us.army.mil
City: Beaverdam
State/Province: VA
Sent: 05/10/2010 06:03:12 am

Greetings all 10th SF friends from the Fort Devens day. I was there from 77-81, ODA 331. Great years I fondly remember.
Name: Mike Armstrong
E-mail: marmstrong12371@yahoo.com
City: Daytona Beach
State/Province: Florida
Country: USA
Sent: 04/18/2010 05:40:50 am

Hello to All,
Seen a few names here i haven't seen in a long time. Sorry to hear about Al. He was a good guy and neighbor at Ft. Devens. John Riley was my first team sgt. May he rest in peace. Great site.

Name: Noel Fennell
E-mail: noelpf@btinternet.com
City: Birmingham UK
Country: UK
Sent: 02/24/2010 09:40:24 am

I have a Coin With a trojan Horse emblem and '10th Special Forces Group'(Airborne) 'Trojan Horse.
On the Reverse side is engraved 'Samuel Clarke'

If You could let me know if you have an address for Mr Clarke I would be happy to send said coin to his family or failing that, to your good selves

Yours Fraternally,

Noel P Fennell
Ex 50 Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery.

email; noelpf@btinternet.com

Name: Shaun Driscoll
E-mail: otisdhound@aol.com
City: Barre
State/Province: Vermont
Sent: 02/07/2010 02:40:48 pm

Looking good guys - great home page. All the best,
DOL, Shaun Driscoll, D-6315

Name: Trish Reid
E-mail: trish@swcinc.org
City: Martinsburg
State/Province: West Virginia
Sent: 06/23/2009 07:24:50 am

Hi -- Jim & Nancy Reid's daughter here. Could you please check your memorial page -- Unless it's another Jimmy Reid, you've spelled my dad's last name wrong.

It's good to know the group is going strong.

Name: Imelda Fisher
E-mail: fisherimelda@aol.com
City: Leominster
State/Province: MA
Sent: 06/15/2009 05:48:55 pm

Hello to my SF friends. Thank you for making me an associate member. SF was and hopefully will stay a part of my life. We are a family with many stories and happy memories to share and repeat. Let's keep them going. The SF picnic in NH was great. Food, weather, and always the people.


Name: Shaun L. Marr
E-mail: ayerranger@yahoo.com
City: Ayer
State/Province: Mass
Country: USA
Sent: 06/15/2009 04:46:50 pm

I attended your cookout on 6/13 and would like to thank you for a great afternoon. My girlfriend Heidi and I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting and talking to all that we could.
Thanks again.
Shaun L Marr.

E-mail: jrotc251493@iberia.k12.la.us
City: New Iberia
State/Province: La
Country: USA
Sent: 06/03/2009 08:18:11 am

Hello North People, No I not Dead yet, Just got lost for a while. Say Hello to Save North and especially to my great friend Peggy. Love Ya Tommy
Name: Bill (Blink) Blankenburg
E-mail: stormingeagle@verizon.net
City: Townsend
State/Province: MA 01469-1028
Country: Peoples Democratic Republic of Massachusetts
Sent: 05/24/2009 07:53:31 am

Dear Brothers, Your website looks great. I am at present a member of SFA Chapter 54. I was not in the old 10th Gp at Ft. Devens, but dated Joe Conlon and Fred Bozek until I found out there were other men in their lives. Hope to see you all on June 14 at Cathedral Of The Pines.

De Oppresso Liber

Name: George (gene) Sloan
E-mail: gedi@gmi.net
City: Saltillo
State/Province: MS
Country: USA
Sent: 04/28/2009 06:22:56 am

Would Love to make contact with old warriors from 3rd Battallion at Ft Devens(73-74)(78-81) and those that made the exodus to the Rockie Mountains.