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Name: J S Young
E-mail: Graymanjohn@aol.com
City: Port Richey FL
State/Province: New London NH
Country: USA
Sent: 09/10/2013 05:35:20 pm

Good Day,
I and 3 members of SFA chapter 74 plan to be in NH the weekend of 19 October 2013. With your permission, we would like to stop by your meeting for a quick hello. Personnel are all retired, postings were 10th GP, 11th GP, 20th GP, and 1st Ranger BN.
I can provide any additional info via e-mail.
Thank you,

E-mail: kidhickey@aol.com
City: Dudley
State/Province: MA.
Sent: 08/13/2013 05:20:02 pm

My Wife came home the other day with a jacket under her arm. She told me it was left a while ago in the waiting room where she works.she wanted me to try and find the owner. she knew that the owner was a special person,For on the front of the jacket was an ensignia, a very special ensignia. THE UNITED STATES ARMY.SPECIAL FORCES. In one of the pockets was a patch, with the words [ SFA-72 Trojan Horse Chapter ] Also with the patch was a buisness card for GOURMET CREATIONS IN North Grafton, MA.There is also anouther identifiying emblem on this jacket. I would be very happy to Reunite this jacket with the rightful owner. This jacket was left in the Arthritis & Joint waiting room at UMASS-MEMORIAL, WORCESTER, MA. Please call Bill to claim your property, 508-847-2621 Thanks
Name: George Tabor
E-mail: 10sfmsg@gmail.com
City: Tulsa
State/Province: OK
Country: USA
Sent: 04/16/2013 08:51:51 am

Good Morning,
I have been given to understand that Gary Barkley
may be a member of your chapter. Gary was on my team (063) back at Devens. I would like him to contact me if possible.
Phone: 918 232-0733 or 10sfmsg@gmail.com
George Tabor
D-4753 L

Name: John Logsdon
E-mail: John.w.logsdon.mil@mail.mil
City: Alton Bay
State/Province: NH
Country: USA
Sent: 03/27/2013 05:48:01 pm

Recently I tried to get information on the procedures to join. I received an e mail from the administrator but was unable to respond to it. I am still currently serving but will retire soon. Can someone please help me with procedures. I served as an 18 D in 2/3 SFG, ODA 346 from 1992-1994 then went to PA school. I am on SF Brothers page and 3rd Group vetted sites on FB. Thank you for your help in this matter.
LTC Johnny Logsdon

Name: John Jones
E-mail: johnjontx@earthlink.net
City: North Richland Hills
State/Province: TX
Sent: 03/16/2013 09:17:14 am

Looking for information on high school classmate Herb M. Cosby. I'm told he is deceased. Was wanting to locate obituary/details for 50th class reunion memorial in Virginia.
Name: Special Operations Group
E-mail: specialopsgp@aol.com
City: Cotati
State/Province: CA
Country: Usa
Sent: 04/23/2012 03:31:33 pm

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Name: Bill Bauman
E-mail: billke2u0@aol.com
City: Jamesburg
State/Province: New Jersey
Sent: 03/28/2012 04:12:34 pm

Chapter XIX: This is impressive. Someday I hope that chapter 19 can come close to what you have here.
Name: Tom Garcia
E-mail: tom@garcia.net
City: Las Cruces
State/Province: NM
Country: USA
Sent: 01/19/2012 01:29:49 pm

I wonder if anyone in Manchester remembers my father-in-law, Pal Reed, famous boxer of the 20s, early 30's. He was in USN both WWI and WWII. Lived in Manchester for most of his life. My wife stayed there when I was in Thailand and also my RVN tour. She taught at Parker School before I met her. (She grad from Keene State.) Tom Garcia, formerly Chapter 22 and Chapter 16. Now with Chapter 80 in NM.
Name: Mark Erkkinen
E-mail: meerkk@yahoo.com
City: Clearwater
State/Province: FL
Country: USA
Sent: 10/06/2011 02:04:05 pm

I was a member of ODA 316, in 1981. I'm trying to get hold of previous members, for old times sake. Darnell Moore was a member; if he could contact me, it would be great. Thanks.
Name: netscro
E-mail: netscro@mail.com
Sent: 07/11/2011 03:05:41 pm

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